10 Things To Do in Stockholm Without Breaking The Budget

It is true that Stockholm the capital city of Sweden is quite expensive and exploring and doing things there can be quite expensive too. So here are 10 things you can do while you’re in Stockholm to make your stay a memorable one – without breaking the bank.


Visit Hellasgarden Recreation Area

If you are a lover of outdoor activities then Hellasgarden is the right place for you.  The drive from downtown Stockholm only takes twenty minutes, and in Hellasgarden you will find a lake, countless forest expanses, and an inexpensive sauna. You will be able to carry out outdoor activities like; extensive walking, picnic, running, cycling, skiing, swimming, and relaxing generally. They even have an ice hole for bathing during winter for interested people. Also if you are visiting towards the end of the summer, then you can pluck delicious wild berries growing off the walking paths.


Enjoy The City View from Katarinahissen

If you want to behold the wonderful sight of the Stockholm’s city from above, then Katarinahissen is where you should be. The Katarinahissen is an elevator that was built around one hundred and twenty years ago, the elevator takes you up to about 40 meters to a restaurant known as The Gondolen.   Although the “Katarina Elevator” is currently not in service, you can still get to top to enjoy the view by taking the stairs. The Katarinahissen is situated across the road of Slussen Subway Station.


Go For a Stroll in Djurgarden

When you don’t feel like staying in your hotel and you don’t want to spend much money too, then you can take a long walk to “The Djurgarden”. Djurgarden is a peaceful and calm oasis in the middle of Stockholm, the place is one of a kind and features many of the beautiful museums and cultural attractions of the city. The Vasa Museum, The Abba museum, and Grona Lund are also part of the museums situated at the place. The garden has a park, offers nature green grounds that is family friendly and perfect for a family picnic.


Visit A Beach

Going to a beach is probably the last thing that will cross your mind when you go to Stockholm, but it is actually a nice way to cool off and enjoy the weather. A safe beach to visit is the Langholmen beach. The beach is a family friendly sandy beaches, and it offers some secluded spots that are just a few minutes’ walk away from the main beach, where guests can take their bathe. The beach is a ten minutes’ walk from the Horstull subway station, and can be visited by crowds of all ages. The beach used to be a prison island, so the old prison is a sightseeing bonus.


Visit A Museum

Visiting a museum is something that can be found on almost every tourist to-do list. So if you are one, and you are looking for a FREE ENTRANCE MUSEUM, then Moderna Museet is the perfect place for you. The museum is a state-owned museum, and it is situated in the central Stockholm on the island of Skeppsholmen. This museum features the Europe’s most important collection of art from artists like; Picasso, Matisse, and Derkert. Rafael Moneo, a Spanish architect designed this museum, and the museum offers a top-notch display of temporary exhibitions, a store, children’s workshop, and an amusing restaurant with a nice view of Djurgarden.


See Woodland Cemetery

Visiting a cemetery probably never crossed your mind, not to talk of making it to your to-do list. But this Skogskyrkogarden also known as Woodland Cemetery is just too unique to the extent that it was one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Stockholm. The cemetery will make you feel like you are walking through a forest and came across a cemetery, because of the way the gravesites were situated in the midst of tall evergreens. The woodland cemetery is designed in such a way that it highlights life, nature, and death harmoniously. It is most likely very different from many cemeteries you’ ve visited abroad.


Visit One of Many Islands Around Stockholm

An island that has always attracted tourists is the; Sodermalm island also known as Soder. The island gives out a relaxed and creative aura with latest vintage clothing boutiques, different cafés, beautiful galleries, and the voguish Fotografia. The island also has standard restaurants, cozy bars, and cool breakfast spots, which makes up the ever-bustling Sodermalm island.


Visit The Largest Public Library in Sweden

Stadsbiblioteket is the largest public library in Sweden, which features more than half a million books that are written in over 100 languages. The library is a great architectural monument that is very suitable for work and study. Genner Asplund a Swedish architecture designed this great icon,  and the  library is a  breathtaking masterpiece.


Visit The White Mountains Park – Vita Bergen

Vita bergs park is the ideal park to visit and enjoy a summertime hangout or walk. The park has a couple of hills, and offers guests an amazing view. The park hosts free concerts and performances throughout the summertime, a green space to relax and have a couple of drinks, and also a great location for you to bask in the sun.


Visit Hotorgshallen Food Market

Hotorgshallen  is situated below Filmstaden Cinema, and features a lot of stores selling everything food! The food includes fresh seafood, soft hummus, and fragrant teas. There are also ready to eat foods like Kebab and burger available for sale. The food market is only open during the daytime, and the vendors in this market sell different food produce like meat, coffee, fish, etc.  There are also a wide variety of small restaurants where guests can quickly stop by and have a delicious lunch.

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